What is DPR in Construction?

What is DPR in Construction?
A daily progress report(DPR) is one of the essential tools used by construction firms to document their daily progression of work done. DPR assists contractors and organisations to remain updated on the proceedings of the construction site and its expenditure. Preparing DPR every day helps reduce the project cost by keeping track of it.


DPR was prepared manually before digital apps which used to be a tedious job as it was difficult to keep every progress update in mind. With technological advancement, it has become easy to prepare DPRs since several apps and websites are available that facilitate DPR generation.

Routine activities at construction sites are affected by several factors, including weather, labour availability, and material availability. All this data, when documented in the DPR, will help you create a work plan and support future activities. Daily Progress Report acts as a paper trail in identifying the responsible parties in case of any delays or discrepancies. A daily progress report for construction works not only helps in saving time for a team meeting but also assists the project to remain on track which is more cost-effective than daily meetings.

Documenting a daily progress report manually is tough. Recalling particular delays, teams, incidents, deliveries, or weather disturbances can be very tough at the end of each long day if one is relying on his/her memory or scribbled notes. Even if one saves his daily report for the end of the day, he’ll need ample time to aggregate all the information and send it to the management. So some best ways to compile the daily progression report by using advanced digital tools are the need of the hour.

What’s the Best Way to Create a Daily Project Report?
All hail the technology, the days of collecting data by writing down (or even worse, memorising) the daily reports are gone. Top construction firms have opted for mobile apps like Powerplay to document and share their daily progress reports—directly from their mobile phones and laptops. This way, we can increase the amount and type of data we can record and improve the transparency of what’s happening at the site with the office. Once done with your daily progress report, we can digitally get it signed from the site. Thus we can share the report with everyone who needs to see it.

Contents of Daily Progress Report(DPR)
The daily progress report(DPR) format of a construction project mainly includes :

1. The report includes details about the scheduled tasks completed on a particular day. For activities that remain incomplete at the end
  of a day, the appropriate reason is recorded and the remaining work is adjusted in the coming days to avoid any delay. A DPR also in cludes the time assigned for each    task and the resources used for it is.
2.The quantity of all the materials used and its probable requirement for the next day, if there is any. In case there was a shortage of any material required on that day,     then this shortage issue and its countermeasures are also recorded in the DPR.
3. Any obstacles faced during the entire day which may or may not have influenced the daily progress are also added to the DPR.
4. The logs of the overall staff contributions, their breaks in between working hours and everybody’s individual goals.
5. Weather conditions comprising rain, temperature and wind speed that caused any activity to be stopped.
6. Any type of safety, industrial or environmental accidents or incidents that affected employees.

How to prepare a DPR?

Conventionally, a daily project report(DPR) is prepared by drawing rows for each project variable in a manual logbook or using a single sheet of paper daily generally maintained by the site-in-charge. Each of these project variables can have its own set of parameters which can be filled up daily as per their usage or requirement. For instance, for the building construction process, the amount of cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates used on-site each day is recorded in their respective units in a DPR.
Even the equipment used throughout the day and the total time of use along with unexpected malfunctioning in any of this equipment are also recorded. Many more factors based on the construction project that needs to be tracked and assessed to keep the construction project on schedule are compiled in a DPR.
For tech-savvy people, construction daily progress reports can be prepared using MS Excel templates which are easily customizable according to project variables that need to be monitored and recorded daily for unhindered progress. Also, there are several project management software available in the market which can be used for designing this kind of daily project report template for free. 

Why prepare a DPR?

The purpose of preparing a daily report is to streamline operations, track usage of resources and keep the project on track. All project operations carried out on a construction site daily are identified and noted down in the daily project report.


A DPR is important to start the tasks and operations scheduled for the next day rapidly and more accurately. The project status and the resources required to continue with the incomplete or scheduled operations can be determined from a DPR. Managers and contractors are aware of the project’s progress and are ready for the next day with the required resources.

A daily documentation of a day’s work is by far the most robust and efficient project documentation technique that is among manual forms of project management. This type of documentation can bear witness and confirm the individual or team responsible for each operation that has already been completed or is in process. DPRs assist you to find the answers to the What, When, Why, Where of everything that has taken place on a construction site; the immediate and long term counter plans and actions that were taken in case of any setbacks.

With the help of these daily progress reports, project managers can make their staff more engaged with the project goals and aid in accomplishing them within the given time and resources. Based on these reports, one can record important information and personal notes on all employees and teams regarding their roles and achievements in a day.

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