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“The best part about Powerplay is that there are no complex procedures to understand the app’s functioning and the software. It has helped me streamline my work; I don’t have to rely on my memory or numerous WhatsApp messages. The app is so efficient that my team has started using it regularly, saving time on our weekly report meetings. I can track progress and delays efficiently and update our clients regularly.”

Chetan Patel

Founder of Dezign Code

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“No complex procedures”

The best part about Powerplay is that there are no complex procedures to understand the app’s functioning and the software. It has helped me streamline my work; I don’t have to rely on my memory or numerous WhatsApp messages. The app is so efficient that my team has started using it regularly, saving time on our weekly report meetings. I can track progress and delays efficiently and update our clients regularly.

Chetan Patel
Founder of Dezign Code

“A One-Stop Solution”

Before Powerplay, WhatsApp was our only channel for communication. We did not realize that the human resources and money were being exhausted because of the communication gaps. So Powerplay became a one-stop solution where we can communicate, collaborate, and manage without hassle. Now I understand digital solutions can streamline construction management and help understand various projects’ health seamlessly. Glad to be a part of this digital revolution.

Director of Jay Constructions and Consultants

“Best part is Powerplay’s desktop solution”

We have been using Powerplay app for almost a year, which has helped us save time by giving project visibility to all the team members across the project. As a result, we can now mitigate the risks daily and avoid all the last-minute delays. The best part is Powerplay’s desktop solution that helps us document all the reports and progress in a very detailed manner.

Mr. Kuppuswamy
Estate Officer, Tanuvas

“Support Team has been Exceptional”

Before using Powerplay app, we heavily relied on manual methods to track tasks and get updates. But since using the app for a year, it has been transformative. The app helps us manage and delegate tasks effectively. However, we are eagerly awaiting the integration of tasks and material modules for a more holistic experience. The support team has been exceptional and is always just a call away.

Bhavik Patel
Owner, Aristo Developers

“Has eased our work a lot”

Powerplay has eased our work a lot. Especially tracking the daily progress reports and material inventory, which used to be a pain earlier. We save up to 1.5 hours of manpower a day by using Powerplay. The app is easy to use, and my team uses it on a daily basis. Slowly everything is becoming digital, and the construction industry too has to learn it either now or later.

Rushi Tank
Chief of Project, Prabhu Heights

“Truly elevated our project management practices”

Powerplay has competely transformed the way we manage our construction projects at Hire and Build. With the Powerplay app’s efficient progress tracking, quality control features, and user-friendly interface, we can now provide comprehensive reports to our clients, ensuring transparency. The app has helped us boost the client satisfaction levels. Powerplay has truly elevated our project management practices and set us apart from the competition.

Dilipan Bose
Owner, Hire and Build

“Transformed our workflow”

With Powerplay, I can effortlessly track and receive timely, structured reports for all four of my ongoing projects. The ability to hold individuals accountable based on the information I receive has been progressive. No more relying on cumbersome Excel sheets that lacked real-time accessibility. Its convenience and accessibility have transformed our workflow, saving us precious time and effort. I’m excited to explore additional features and further simplify our processes using Powerplay.

Harsh Bajaj
Owner, Method Consultant

“Revolutionised our construction management”

Powerplay has revolutionised our construction management at AFS Control Systems. Its intuitive interface and powerful features have improved accountability, collaboration, and project efficiency at our workplace. With Powerplay, we now handle 12 projects annually, up from four previously. This growth is due to reduced micromanagement, standardised all the processes, and seamless communication. We are thrilled with the results and excited about Powerplay’s scalability and success.

Aveek C Vorah
Head of Operations, AFS

“An essential tool for efficiency and commitment”

Powerplay app has brought in a positive change in our construction management process. It has helped us massively to stick to our commitment to building homes in 90 days for our clients. Using this app we have centralized project management, daily updates, and streamlined communication. My inter-city travel to project sites has also reduced, thanks to real-time updates available on apps. An essential tool for efficiency and commitment.

Harshit Puram
CEO, OKNO Modhomes

“Made things simpler and easy”

Powerplay gives us the flexibility and power to manage our projects efficiently and that too remotely. I can literally go through the updates on the software while taking an evening stroll! You have made things simpler and easy for us unlike before when we were dependent on WhatsApp. Even the site engineers feel that updating tasks, events and issues on the software has become quite effortless with Powerplay.

Mahesh Nawander
Director, Nawander Group

“User-friendly interface”

We rely on Powerplay as a crucial communication and coordination tool between our site and office teams. Its precise report-generation feature has become integral to our workflow, enabling accurate project progress documentation. The app’s detailed and organized reports have streamlined our operations and improved efficiency. Additionally, Powerplay’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for team members to navigate and contribute to the project’s success, regardless of their location.

Hiren Nanavati
Partner - Jayesh Nanavati & Associates

“A must-have tool for anyone in construction management”

Powerplay has revolutionised our project management process. With its intuitive interface, real-time tracking, and task module, we now effortlessly monitor project progress and make informed decisions promptly. The Daily Progress Report generated by the app and comprehensive dashboard provides us with clear insights, empowering us to take immediate action. Powerplay is a must-have tool for anyone in construction management, enhancing productivity and ensuring successful outcomes.

Site Engineer, Kairav Chemofarbe Industries Limited (Kcil)

“Uplifted our communication and project management processes”

Implementing Powerplay has uplifted our communication and project management processes, replacing manual methods like WhatsApp with a structured reporting system. The modules – Tasks, Materials, and Attendance, have streamlined our procurement process and consolidated project updates into a single app. With easy cloud access and comprehensive project visibility, Powerplay has become an invaluable digital partner, simplifying construction management and enhancing our success. Thank you, Powerplay, for transforming our practices.

Planning Department, Vishwanadh Avenues

“Resolves communication challenges”

Powerplay app has greatly improved inventory management and procurement processes for our company. The app resolves communication challenges between site engineers and the purchase manager by providing real-time inventory details and eliminating the need for manual updates. As a result, material wastage has been reduced, procurement efficiency has increased, and better visibility of available materials has been achieved. Powerplay is an essential tool for construction companies.

Partner, Maliyakkal Construction Company (MCC)

“A reliable partner”

With Powerplay, I get peace of mind. I no longer stay up at night, worrying about missing entries or stolen materials. Earlier, our construction management was a headache. Relying on Excel and WhatsApp led to constant worries about material theft and mismanagement. It was hard to keep track of everything, and there was always a risk of things going wrong. It’s like having a reliable partner watching over our materials and ensuring everything is in order.

Hemant Sharma
Owner, Nacdac Infrastructure Limited

Powerplay has streamlined our operations.

Powerplay has brought some positive changes to our construction management. Previously, we relied on pen, paper, and weekly Excel updates, a time-consuming process. Now, with real-time updates and instant low-material alerts, Powerplay has streamlined our operations. The Expense Tracker adds further efficiency, making Powerplay an integral part of our SOP. Highly recommended for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Gaurav Sharma
Owner, High Vision Associates

“We are confident in scaling our business using Powerplay”

We’ve integrated Powerplay into 4-5 projects, reducing dependency on external factors and enabling real-time reporting. Our team is now familiar with Powerplay, making project information easily accessible within the app. Despite handling multiple projects, we’ve only scratched the surface of Powerplay’s functionalities. I am excited to explore its full potential further and bridge any remaining gaps. We are confident in scaling our business, as it not only streamlines processes but also offers untapped possibilities for growth.

Madan Roy

“Powerplay helps me save 2 hours per day”

Powerplay is our go-to for seamless task and material management. I receive detailed reports effortlessly, eliminating the need for constant site team follow-ups. The remote update feature keeps me informed without the need for frequent site visits, saving me up to 2 hours per day. Material management is now efficient, and coordination is a breeze. Powerplay has truly transformed how we operate, making our daily tasks smoother and more time-effective.

Walchand Chougule

“Key features, such as BOQ and Project Reports add substantial value”

Unlike relying on multiple WhatsApp groups, Powerplay’s solution provides a seamless platform for communication and documentation, ensuring every interaction is transparent and accountable. Key features, such as the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for tracking agreements, Timeline of Project for real-time progress monitoring, and Project Reports for future reference, add substantial value. Powerplay also enables the establishment and enforcement of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), enhancing consistency in operations and streamlining processes for improved efficiency.

Anil More
GM of Naturals Lands Flavour at Kamaths Icecreams Private Limited

“Powerplay has become a strategic growth tool”

While WhatsApp is good for instant updates, it falls short for long-term tracking. Excel helps categorize but lacks visual representation for client meetings. That’s why we chose Powerplay. It allows professional project presentation and cloud-based storage for instant team access. The customer support is outstanding. Powerplay’s continuous improvement is promising, making the investment worthwhile. It streamlines projects comprehensively. The mobile app integration is excellent, and upcoming features are exciting. Powerplay has become a strategic growth tool.

Augustine Abraham
Owner, Space Designs

“Raising POs is now efficient and error-free”

Efficiently managing workload and coordinating projects with subcontractors (SC) is crucial in our line of work. The Powerplay app enables seamless collaboration between our project coordinator and site engineers, eliminating manual processes. The standout feature is the task progress update, providing real-time updates on a single screen, and streamlining project tracking. Raising POs is now efficient and error-free, saving valuable time and resources. Powerplay is integral to four ongoing projects, serving as a standard operating procedure (SOP).

Durgesh Mishra
Project Manager, Phixman Realty

“Improved collaboration and efficiency”

Within just two months of implementing Powerplay, we witnessed a remarkable positive shift in our construction projects. The app’s impact was immediate and substantial. Powerplay brought structure and organization to our workflow, allowing us to track tasks and monitor project progress effortlessly. The real-time updates provided by Powerplay kept everyone on the same page, leading to improved collaboration and efficiency. We were thrilled to see such significant improvements in such a short timeframe.

PM, Chozha Construction

“Helps us make faster planning decisions”

Before Powerplay, our team struggled with outdated scheduling tools like MS Projects & Excel. Since implementing Powerplay, our project management has greatly improved. The app’s streamlined interface & comprehensive scheduling capabilities allow us to easily assign tasks, set deadlines, & monitor progress in one centralized platform. Real-time updates & notifications have improved communication & helped us swiftly address issues and changes. It also helps us make faster planning decisions.

Sujith Kumar Reddy
Project Engineer, Excell Enmak

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