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How does Powerplay help?

Made for site teams: Mobile First

Contractors and workers on site can easlily use Powerplay app for reporting and daily site updates.

Real-time sync between site and office

All information on progress, material and labour on all sites can be proactively tracked in real time

All in one documentation

Easy access of invoices, reports, drawings, site plans, material requests and more all in one place.

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How does Powerplay helpHow does Powerplay helpHow does Powerplay help

Fastest, Safest, Simplest & Free

Powerplay helps you manage your construction projects by offering you and your team complete clarity through on-site updates. Easy collaboration keeps everyone in the loop, preventing rework and miscommunication.

Without Powerplay

without powerplay

With Powerplay

with powerplay

Projects done on Powerplay



Google Govo, Phoenix Aquila, NIIT



Bhownani Residence, Garima Mitesh Residence



Comptel, Dover, Oneplus

Powerplay helps you manage your construction projects, all from a single app.

For CXOs/Owners/MDs

Inspect site progress remotely:

Get and share real-time updates about overall progress with the wider team

Solve problems quickly and efficiently:

Track and resolve on-site and in-office bottlenecks & issues

Maintain estimated timelines & budget:

Review site images and reports for clear progress, material, and labour updates

Project Managers

Get a bird’s eye view:

Supervise and regulate the tasks assigned to ensure steady progress

Keep the workflow going:

Track, resolve, and update owners about on-site or in-office bottlenecks

Inspect daily progress:

Review on-site progress reports sent by the site supervisors

Site Supervisors/Engineers

Manage and store documents:

Store site work, material, labour, or invoices as documents and pictures

Keep owners in the loop:

Send owners & managers real-time progress reports

Supervise manpower & inventory:

Share updates about deployed skilled & unskilled labour and material inventory

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Safe and Secured to digitise the Indian construction industryIndia


Safe, secure, and free

Over 150,000 users trust Powerplay's free app for more than 20,000 projects. Your data is encrypted and 100% backup ready.


Made in India, For India

Built by the experts who understand the nuances of construction projects in India. Powerplay is easy to use, even for those who aren’t experienced with mobile apps.

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5 stars

It’s a hugely beneficial application, it not only helps improve our communication internally but also with our clients.

Janardhan Reddy, Royale Infra

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