Types of Subcontractors in construction?

The construction industry consists of several types of people that make up the workforce, such as contractors, subcontractors, engineers, labourers, etc. When general contractors acquire a construction project, they hire subcontractors or specialists to complete various parts of the project in an agreed budget and time between both the parties. A subcontractor is someone who provides supplies or services for a construction project. The subcontractors are only hired by general contractors and not by the project owners . Some of the common services provided by sub contractors are: 

  1. Excavation: They are one of the first to start work on a construction site. Their primary job is to prepare the foundation for a building, road or railway tracks. They dig pits for foundations, drill for columns and piles, level earth before construction, cut for trenches, etc.

  1. Formworking: This service provided by a subcontractor is quite important and includes building of forms in which reinforcement can be laid and concrete can be poured. Information about the area and proper review of the plan is done by the subcontractor before setting up forms for construction. These forms can be of any shape and size and must be able to hold the concrete properly in order to build according to plan provisions. These subcontractors are familiar with knowledge of building codes, industry standards, concrete and structural elements.

  1. Concreting: After shuttering and framework jobs are complete, it is time for the concreting subcontractors to pour concrete in the framework structures such as foundations, columns, beams,roof, etc. Concreting is one of the essential aspects of a construction project that has to be completed with utmost care. Thus this kind of subcontractors are always in demand. They deal with all kinds of concreting related jobs, be it cement concrete used for buildings or bituminous concrete used in pavements.

  1. Masonry, Tile Setting & Plastering: The job involves building of exterior and interior walls, plastering of the walls, flooring with tiles or plaster, etc. This may also include insulations, drywall setting, stonework which are not common in India. A mason must have to be skilled at his job for proper wall construction and alignment. The subcontractors providing these services find enough work mostly as setting up of walls and finishing works takes up most of the time of a construction project. This type of subcontractors can also be contracted for renovating tasks.

  1. Painting: Painting subcontractors have the job of applying fresh coats of paint as per requirement on newly built walls of a building or in renovation tasks. They also perform painting and galvanising of steel structures. 

  1. Carpentry: Subcontractors providing carpentry services are tasked with making doors, windows and embellishments, interior wood structures such as cabinets and cupboards, crown moulds, etc. In small projects they can also be useful in making scaffolding for structures. They can work on site or at their workshop when preparing wood items such as doors, panels, rails, etc . In case steel doors and windows are required, subcontractors specializing in steel work need to be hired.

  1. Electrical: Electrical subcontractors are hired to run wires through the house and install electric devices as prescribed. They generally install switches/switchboards and sockets apart from running wires. Subcontractors providing electrical services also provide installation of fire-fighting systems, surveillance cameras, operation related to lifts, fire alarm systems, etc. They have their workshops off site but cannot work there. Their jobs mostly involve working on sites.

  1. Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC): Central heating and air-conditioning is one of the necessities of newer buildings in the US, and services such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are provided by contractors who specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining everything from furnace to ductwork. The HVAC subcontractor is responsible for keeping everything comfortable. They install air conditioning systems, air handlers, heat exchangers, boilers, and more systems to both heat and cool a building. In some cases, they might also handle refrigeration tasks for large cold storage warehouses, restaurants, and more.

  1. Plumbing: Plumbing subcontractors are the most important unit of any construction project. They manage and fix the water pipes and supply in the building. If the water pipes are not adjusted properly, it can lead to issues like poor pressure and water leakage, which can ruin the foundations & structure of the project. So, we need to involve the best and experienced plumbing subcontractors in our construction project to avoid water supply-related issues, which can also emerge years after the completion of construction work.

  1. Landscaping: These subcontractors are responsible for elevating the aesthetics related to a construction project. Their work is directed mostly around the site areas that include installing gardens, walkways, water and display light features, etc . Landscaping is a must for commercial buildings in the present scenario to generate appeal among the mass. 

There are several other services also provided by subcontractors such as shuttering that requires work with reinforcements in making formwork, steel & iron working utilised in making steel structures, glass working for windows & see through walls, etc.



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