Attendance in Construction

Attendance in Construction

‍Construction site attendance is a basic variable of any construction project that has to be managed quite carefully, given the inconsistency in the number of workers present on-site daily. Due to the large variable workforce involved in a construction project, their attendance must be constantly recorded up to the last new worker on-site and along with the regular hours for which they work, their overtime attendance should also be recorded carefully to avoid any payroll errors. Improper attendance systems in construction sites can make the construction process more complex as it becomes difficult to track which worker is entering or leaving the site, working overtime, or is absent.

Attendance in Construction

Managing Attendance In Powerplay

The number of contractors working on a construction project can range from a single contractor to multiple contractors and subcontractors working on individual operations. Maintaining attendance records becomes an even more important activity when there are several subcontractors involved in a particular project and all of these contractors have their workforce.

The ledger has traditionally been used to record and maintain attendance on construction sites, which is a far in efficiency from modern applications used with almost 100% accuracy and better storage options. There are some limitations associated with manual methods which cannot be eliminated even with the best manual techniques. 

You can avoid these inconveniences by using the Powerplay app.

Powerplay is India’s 1st construction project management software that solves all construction management problems and provides solutions in the form of management features to manage any construction project. Site attendance can be easily recorded and managed using Powerplay and its handy features to keep attendance records up to date. Powerplay can be used to manage website attendance more efficiently and accurately without much effort.

Here are some of how Powerplay improves recording attendance in construction sites:

01 – Handling Entire Labor Force

Payroll tracking becomes very cumbersome as more and more temporary workers work irregularly throughout the construction project. This can happen in some cases, such as when formwork workers are only needed when preparing formwork, excavation workers are needed only when digging foundations, and so on. Maintaining attendance records for such a diverse workforce requires due care and precision to avoid excessive costs. The Powerplay application allows you to record the participation of the labor pool working under each subcontractor separately, as well as the different wages for skilled or unskilled labor.

02 – Accurate Work hours Tracking

Attendance in Construction

Even wages for skilled and unskilled workers vary, meaning that in addition to managing a diverse workforce, their wages must also be carefully calculated based on daily wages. or their hours. Due to the changing number of employees, it has never been so easy to maintain attendance records in the ledger manually. Again, if wages are not calculated correctly, additional costs are inevitable. These excessive costs can be easily avoided by tracking the hours and days per job on the Powerplay app.

03 – Real-time Attendance

At any given time, there are many approved or pending leave requests for site workers and these must be carefully managed to avoid disruption of scheduled work due to a shortage of workers. It is important to achieve the desired workforce presence for planned operations to avoid any delays or additional costs. 

A minimum number of workers must be on-site on any given day to keep the project on schedule. Using the Powerplay app, you can monitor and track how many workers are working on any construction site at any given time, which will help you act accordingly. You can make quick decisions based on real-time information uploaded to the Powerplay app to avoid any problems in a project’s progress.

04 – Flexible Daily Attendance

There can be more than one entry and exit point on the site, which makes it difficult to record workers’ arrival and departure times and then accurately calculate daily wages and overtime pay. 

Workers may sometimes avoid unsupervised outings to avoid pay cuts, and they may fake overtime when attendance records are not properly maintained. This not only causes too much labor cost but also causes delays in project operation. The Powerplay app has the function of updating workers’ presence on-site more than once per day and recording their exact working hours. This can avoid excessive labor costs and project delays.

05 – Advanced Attendance Features

Managing site attendance can be easy or difficult depending on the attendance recording method adopted at the construction site. Many contractors still use traditional registers, where they spend unnecessary hard work drawing columns and rows to record worker types of participation. 

There is no other form of data backup to count against worker attendance records, which can be detrimental to contractors as well as workers if records are missing. Contractors can suffer major losses as a result of extra payments and workers may not be paid accordingly. Powerplay app was developed keeping in mind the management issues faced by the construction industry, including the inconvenience of recording attendance.

06 – Handy and Ease of Use

On-site attendance recording systems such as stamping machines can be used to improve the accuracy of the time register, but again they require a lot of space and power to operate. Wired connections are also not an apt solution for record-keeping in large remote locations, due to their limitations in covering a larger area. As a software application, Powerplay can be used with almost no additional storage or money. Simply download the Powerplay app to digitally manage your job sites.



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