Transforming Project Tracking and Insights for Nawander Group’s Construction Firm

Problem: Inefficient Project Tracking and Lack of Insights

Nawander Group, a construction firm based in Latur, Maharashtra, faced challenges in effectively tracking their projects and gaining insights into project activities. The existing communication method through WhatsApp was inadequate for tracking specific events and tasks, resulting in difficulties for stakeholders. The reliance on manual daily progress reports filled out on-site and data updates on Excel led to time-consuming processes and potential errors. Furthermore, the client’s primary focus on numbers, revenue, and profit lacked a streamlined system to monitor and analyze project progress efficiently.

Solution: Implementing Powerplay for Simplified Project Tracking and Improved Insights

To overcome these challenges, Nawander Group decided to adopt Powerplay, a comprehensive project management software. Powerplay offered features that simplified project tracking and provided better insights into project activities. The software allowed for a breakdown of project work into manageable tasks, which were assigned to subcontractors hired by the group. This streamlined the execution process and improved coordination among the team members.

The owner’s team primarily engaged with site engineers, supervisors, and project managers, while material procurement and tracking were handled by the owner’s team as well. Site engineers used the Powerplay app to update work progress, which was then reviewed by project managers to ensure accuracy. The monitoring engineer, oversaw the entire project process by monitoring the information on Powerplay’s cloud-based software.

The Powerplay software proved invaluable to the construction team, allowing the owners to track specific tasks and events, even from earlier dates. The previous reliance on WhatsApp communication posed difficulties in tracking past events and issues. Powerplay provided a centralized platform where stakeholders could access all project information, including progress updates and pictures, on its dashboard or platform. This significantly enhanced the client’s insights into their projects and simplified their construction management process.

By adopting Powerplay, Nawander Group aimed to keep up with digitalization trends and leverage the software’s capabilities to efficiently manage their projects, even remotely. The client expressed satisfaction with the ease and simplicity of using Powerplay, making project updates effortless for site engineers. Furthermore, the client appreciated the time saved and reduced workload due to improved visibility and project updates through the software.

As Nawander Group continues to utilize Powerplay, they have better control over their project costs, which amounted to 40 Cr and 25 Cr for two specific projects. With an average revenue of 12-15 Cr over the past three years, the client benefits from Powerplay’s ability to generate reports, reducing their direct involvement in monitoring project progress.

In conclusion, implementing Powerplay enabled Nawander Group to simplify project tracking, gain better insights, and streamline their construction management process. The software’s features facilitated effective communication, reduced manual efforts, and improved coordination among team members. Nawander Group’s adoption of Powerplay demonstrates their commitment to embracing digital solutions to enhance their construction operations.


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