Powerplay is Driving Construction Management from Chaos to Clarity

Company Details

The Challenge

Dezign Code thrives on providing innovative and hassle-free interior designs with precision. They are reputed for customizable design processes to fit the customer’s budget and timeline. With time, the management and tracking process has become a hassle while working on various projects simultaneously. The communication gaps between the design team and the execution team caused project delays. They could not find the right solution to maintain transparency between teams and their clients.

The Solution

Powerplay became a cost-efficient and user-friendly tool that created a new culture of accountability and clarity. Powerplay’s various features allow the design team to clearly define the various levels of the task and break them down into various sub-tasks. The clarity of the plan of action keeps everyone accountable and makes the execution team stick to the deadline, resulting in customers being happy with the services.

The Results

Clarity of Process
A defined plan of action lets all team members understand the workflow definitively and transparently. They saved 5% on the overall project cost as there were no project delays and re-work.

Best Customer Service
The regular updates by the site team empowered the office team to update the customers regarding each step. Maintaining this level of transparency with the clients improved their reputation and helped in getting payments duly.

Streamlined Documentation
The progress is recorded instantaneously, along with photos as attachments. The accurate information gives an understanding of deadlines and gives clear visibility on various projects for the entire team helping them save 101 days.


“The best part about Powerplay is that there are no complex procedures to understand the app’s functioning and the software. It has helped me streamline my work; I don’t have to rely on my memory or numerous WhatsApp messages. The app is so efficient that my team has started using it regularly, saving time on our weekly report meetings. I can track progress and delays efficiently and update our clients regularly.”

– Chetan Patel, Founder Design Code

The Results

Dezign Code was built with the idea of driving innovation in the interior design industry. Deepak Kanchi, the Director, says, “The construction industry is one of the most archaic industries with no specialized tools designed for management. The available tools like MSP are expensive, especially if the business is a small and medium enterprise. The steep learning curve makes it difficult for the site team to adapt. Powerplay provides a very user-friendly app that the site team can use, and the synced desktop solution for the office team makes planning and managing seamless.

Construction Management apps and software should be able to solve the collaboration problem between different stakeholders, and no other solution aids in achieving all additional requirements. Powerplay solves the communication problem from start to end. As a company, we are built to provide the best experience for our customers; we are here to make their dreams and quirks come true with our interior designs. Powerplay has become a crucial partner in delivering the best customer service by improving the quality of our business.”

Powerplay helps them to track quality on-site, simultaneously enhancing the reputation of the fast-growing company, Dezign Code. Hema Niranjan, Founder, comments on the efficiency, “Interior designing has various teams involved in the project at multiple levels. The most tedious task is communicating the plan from the design team to the execution team. We must keep the clients in the loop when this process occurs. Powerplay’s availability as a desktop solution lets the planning and procurement team break down tasks into various sub-tasks. Later, the execution team can give regular updates and keep a note of the deadline. As a founder, I can get a clear picture from all sides. This defined process helps the core team to avoid chaos at all levels by mitigating risks and providing the best quality service.”

Leveling Up Customer Service

Various modules and features in Powerplay are built to help the site and the office teams maintain transparency with all stakeholders. Chetan Patel talks about the software’s task feature: “Customers are the success points for any business. We wanted a solution to maintain transparency and involve clients in every step of the progress. Before Powerplay, we used to have weekly meetings where different team members would provide a compiled report on the progress and updates. It was time-consuming as there was no direct way to maintain the weekly record and collect it all at once. We could not avoid project delays as there was no transparency, and communication gaps were enormous. After Powerplay, it just takes 15 minutes to get ready for the meeting and discuss the best approaches.

Daily Progress Reports and Weekly Progress Reports are generated in one click. Powerplay eases the process of management, which lets different teams focus on their work in a more concentrated and efficient way. We have been working on a project for more than six months. The client wanted to see the progress of their project. Usually, I would have called my Project Manager and Site Supervisors to send me the report. But because of Powerplay, I had all the details in the palm of my hand. I could download the updated report instantly and send it to the customer.

Powerplay’s team and their constant effort to adapt the software and app to our needs have been noteworthy. Technology is transforming various industries, and Powerplay’s intervention in construction is the future of efficient management and collaboration for the construction industry. We are glad to be a part of this transformation and grow with Powerplay.”


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