Powerplay Helped AFS Control Systems Multiply Projects from 4 to 12 a Year


AFS Control Systems, established in 2002, is a leading system integrator specializing in Access Control Systems, CCTV Surveillance Systems, and Fire Safety Systems. Over the years, AFS has built a reputation for delivering reliable and innovative solutions in the field of security and safety. As part of their expansion into the construction industry, AFS encountered challenges related to accountability and collaboration among employees and laborers. This case study focuses on how AFS effectively addressed these pain points by implementing Powerplay, a construction management app, revolutionizing their construction processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Before adopting Powerplay, AFS encountered several obstacles in their construction management process:

a. Lack of accountability: With fragmented communication channels, it was difficult to track progress and assign responsibilities effectively

b. Limited collaboration: Coordinating tasks and sharing information proved challenging, leading to miscommunications and delays

c. Inefficient workflows: The absence of a standardized operating procedure necessitated manual explanations, often through site visits, causing inefficiencies and additional overhead

Implementation of Powerplay:

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, AFS integrated Powerplay into their construction management framework. This app provided the following features to address their pain points:

a. Standardized operating procedures: Powerplay enabled AFS to establish clear guidelines for each task, ensuring consistency and reducing errors

b. Task management: The app facilitated real-time progress updates, task assignment, and tracking, streamlining workflow and enhancing accountability

c. Reports module: AFS utilized Powerplay’s reporting capabilities to generate detailed reports, fostering transparency and building trust with clients

Benefits and Outcomes:

After adopting Powerplay, AFS experienced immediate and long-term benefits:

a. Accountability and transparency: With Powerplay, employees and laborers were empowered to update and track their progress, resulting in enhanced accountability and transparency throughout the organization

b. Improved collaboration: The centralized platform allowed seamless communication and collaboration among team members, reducing miscommunications and delays

c. Scalability and efficiency: Powerplay’s standardized procedures and streamlined workflows enabled AFS to scale their operations, increasing the number of projects from 4 to 12 per year

d. Enhanced quality assurance: The adoption of Powerplay enabled AFS to enforce standardized operating procedures, improving the quality assurance process and reducing errors

e. Client trust: The detailed reports generated by Powerplay enhanced client confidence and strengthened the relationship between AFS and their clients

Future Expansion:

AFS is currently utilizing Powerplay for four projects and plans to scale its usage to eight projects. The ease of use and positive impact on operations have encouraged AFS to continue leveraging Powerplay as a core component of its construction management strategy.


By implementing Powerplay, AFS successfully addressed their pain points related to accountability and collaboration in construction management. The app’s features, such as standardized operating procedures, task management, and reporting capabilities, led to immediate benefits, including enhanced accountability, transparency, and collaboration. AFS also experienced long-term advantages, such as increased scalability, efficiency, and quality assurance. With plans to expand its usage, AFS remains committed to utilizing Powerplay as a key tool in its construction management processes.


Aveek C Vorah, Head of Operations, AFS Control Systems
“Powerplay has been a game-changer for our construction management operations at AFS Control Systems. The app’s intuitive interface and powerful features have significantly improved our accountability, collaboration, and overall project efficiency. With Powerplay, we have successfully increased the number of projects we handle annually, from a mere 4 to an impressive 12. This remarkable growth can be attributed to the reduced micromanagement, standardized processes, and seamless communication that Powerplay has brought to our organization. We are thrilled with the results and excited about the future scalability and success that Powerplay enables us to achieve.”


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