Streamlining Progress Tracking and Quality Control with Powerplay


Hire and Build, a construction company based in Chennai, faced challenges in tracking daily reports and monitoring the progress of their projects. They lacked a systematic approach and relied on ad-hoc updates sent via pictures on various client groups. However, the introduction of Powerplay, a project management app, revolutionized their workflow by enhancing their ability to monitor project progress and ensure quality control. They are currently using Powerplay to manage 60-70 residential projects in and around Chennai. This case study highlights the benefits experienced by Hire and Build after implementing Powerplay.


1.Lack of structured progress tracking: Hire and Build did not have a standardized Daily Progress Report (DPR) system in place before adopting Powerplay. Site engineers would update. progress by sending pictures in different client groups, leading to fragmented information and difficulty in consolidating project updates.


Powerplay offered a comprehensive solution to address the problem faced by Hire and Build.

  1. Efficient project monitoring: By using Powerplay, Hire and Build gained a centralized platform for monitoring the progress and quality of their 60-70 residential projects. The app provided real-time updates and enabled the quality manager to stay informed through chats and notifications from the respective sites.
  2. Enhanced quality control: Powerplay’s Task module became an integral part of Hire and Build’s workflow. The company utilized a predefined set of quality checks that were regularly updated in the app. Site engineers captured photos, added remarks, and submitted reports into specific groups based on work categories, enabling efficient quality control.
  3. Material management: Powerplay’s Materials module proved beneficial for Hire and Build. Although it was still being implemented for around 50% of the projects, the company found value in using the module to manage materials effectively.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  1. Improved client satisfaction: Powerplay facilitated clear and transparent communication with clients. Hire and Build provided detailed reports on the progress of projects, including the specific checks conducted by site engineers. Clients appreciated receiving comprehensive information about the work done on their projects, enhancing their satisfaction and trust in the company.
  2. Competitive advantage: Powerplay enabled Hire and Build to differentiate themselves from other companies. By conducting quality checks, capturing photo evidence, and sharing task-related updates, the company showcased their commitment to maintaining high standards, which positioned them as a reliable and diligent construction firm.
  3. Faster report generation: Powerplay streamlined the process of generating detailed reports. The app facilitated efficient data collection and documentation, allowing Hire and Build to provide accurate progress updates and quality control reports to clients within specified timeframes.
  4. User-friendly interface: Powerplay was deemed user-friendly by Hire and Build’s team. Its ease of use contributed to widespread adoption within the organization. Additionally, the responsive support team promptly resolved any technical glitches, ensuring uninterrupted usage of the app.


Powerplay transformed Hire and Build’s approach to project management, overcoming the challenges they faced with progress tracking and quality control. The app’s features, including real-time monitoring, standardized tasks, and materials management, contributed to improved client satisfaction, competitive advantage, faster report generation, and overall ease of use. By leveraging the capabilities of Powerplay, Hire and Build successfully elevated their project management practices and strengthened their position in the construction industry.


Dilipan Bose, Owner, Hire and Build says: “Powerplay has revolutionized the way we manage our construction projects at Hire and Build. With its efficient progress tracking, quality control features, and user-friendly interface, we can now provide comprehensive reports to our clients, ensuring transparency and boosting their satisfaction. Powerplay has truly elevated our project management practices and set us apart from the competition.”


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