Saves 40+ Hours a Month Using Powerplay

Prabhu Realities Saves 40+ Hours a Month Using Powerplay

Prabhu Realities, a real estate developer, launched its first independent project, Prabhu Heights, a residential enclave featuring 100 units of 3 and 4-bedroom apartments and 16 commercial shops. It was built with a vision to provide a holistic living experience for residents by bringing all their daily commercial needs into society. Unlike this solo project, previously, Prabhu Realities used to build projects in partnership with other builders. Hence, they had to face some challenges which they weren’t aware of previously. Some of these key challenges include getting engineers to manually prepare DPR documents, leading to human errors, delays, and causing confusion.

To manage their construction site, Prabhu Realities’ engineers used to fill out manual forms at the end of each day. It included updates on daily work progress and photos via WhatsApp. However, this process was cumbersome and prone to human error. Engineers often faced challenges in updating forms, especially if the form was left behind at the site. To solve these issues, Prabhu Realities implemented Powerplay, a site management app, which has now been in use for over 10 months.

The Powerplay Android/iOS app allowed the engineers to easily fill out forms from their phones, regardless of their location, reducing the time and effort required to keep track of daily progress.

Prabhu Realities uses two features of the app the most: site progress updates and material requests. The app has proven to be beneficial for the builder, who is not able to visit the site daily, as it provides him with regular updates on the construction site’s progress, keeping him informed about the work progress and any material requirements

Rushi Tank, Chief of Project at Prabhu Heights said: “Powerplay has been transformational for us. It has eased our work a lot. Especially tracking the daily progress reports and material inventory, which used to be a pain earlier. We save up to 1.5 hours of manpower a day by using Powerplay. The app is easy to use, and my team uses it on a daily basis. Slowly everything is becoming digital, and the construction industry too has to learn it either now or later.”

Talking about his team management and collaboration experience, Tank shares; “Now, I don’t have to manually visit the site to take stock of materials; I can just check it on the app. It is easy and faster to make material-related decisions using Powerplay. I also used to run behind engineers to ask for updates, but now I just check the app, and I know what has been done on a particular day.”

“I vividly remember there used to be a lot of confusion amongst the team members regarding material procurement. This led to chaos in the workplace and increased arguments. Powerplay has completely taken that off as every detail and update regarding the materials is now available on the app. There is no blame game amongst the team now,” Rushi adds.

The app has also improved mutual understanding between team members, preventing any confusion or arguments about material orders.

Overall, Powerplay has been revolutionary for Prabhu Realities, helping them manage their construction site more efficiently and effectively. The app has made it easier for engineers to provide daily updates, track inventory, and manage material requests, improving the communication and transparency of their construction site management process.


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