Powerplay helped us stick to our 90-day home construction commitment


Before adopting Powerplay, the construction company faced several challenges in managing their projects. The entire process, including construction timelines, quality checks, and documentation, relied on scattered platforms like Excel, WhatsApp, and phone conversations. There was no centralized project management system, leading to disorganization, a lack of streamlined processes, and limited visibility into project status. The company had multiple ongoing projects spread across different cities, which further complicated the coordination and tracking of progress. Additionally, the on-site people struggled to adopt technology for reporting and but the easy-to-use navigation system was helpful for them to learn faster


To address the challenges and streamline their construction processes, the company implemented Powerplay, a project management app. Powerplay provided a centralized platform for organizing and tracking projects across different locations. The app allowed the company to receive daily pictures and reports, enabling them to monitor progress effectively. By using Powerplay, the company could view all projects’ statuses in one place, ensuring better coordination and planning. Travel requirements were reduced as all project details were accessible through the app, eliminating the need for frequent on-site visits.

To ensure efficient use of the app, the company imported a fixed nested Excel file into Powerplay, containing the modules and tasks for delivering a house. The team updated the daily tasks, and progress percentages, and raised any issues within the app itself, rather than resorting to WhatsApp or phone calls. The company emphasized the importance of using the app for immediate issue resolution, gradually moving away from alternative communication methods.

Reports generated by Powerplay became the primary source of information for the company. The head supervisor compiled and sent reports to higher management, providing a consolidated overview of all sites. The company incorporated daily reporting into their routine, receiving a report at 6:00 PM each day, ensuring timely updates and facilitating better decision-making.


The adoption of Powerplay yielded both immediate and long-term benefits for the construction company.

Immediate benefits:

  1. Enhanced Communication: The app allowed for timely updates and improved communication between the corporate office and various sites across different cities.
  2. Streamlined Project Management: Powerplay facilitated better project organization, planning, and tracking, leading to increased efficiency and reduced delays.
  3. Reduced Travel: With centralized project information accessible through the app, the need for frequent on-site visits decreased, saving time and resources.

Long-term benefits:

  1. Document Management: Powerplay enabled the company to document each stage of construction, providing a comprehensive record of the project’s progress. These documented reports could be shared with clients in the future or referred to for reference purposes.
  2. Expense Management: The app simplified the management of petty expenses by accurately recording labor hours and differentiating between half-day and full-day work. This feature helped the company in better expense tracking and management.
  3. Improved Planning and Reporting: Powerplay provided visibility into the progress of each construction task, ensuring better planning and decision-making. The company could track the completion of milestones and accurately estimate project timelines.


By implementing Powerplay as its project management app, the construction company successfully addressed its challenges and achieved significant improvements in its construction processes. The app streamlined project management, improved communication, reduced travel requirements, enhanced document management, and facilitated better expense tracking. The company could now adhere to their commitment to completing homes within 90 days for its clients.


“Powerplay transformed our construction process. It has helped us massively to stick to our commitment to building homes in 90 days for our clients. Using this app we have centralized project management, daily updates, and streamlined communication. My inter-city travel to project sites has also reduced, thanks to real-time updates available on apps. An essential tool for efficiency and commitment.”


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