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Telosa – A Sustainable Future City in deserts of America
On June 26, 2021 By Iesh Dixit

A sustainable city called Telosa will be built in US by former Walmart executive, entrepreneur, investor and NBA owner, Marc Lore. He plans to build this metropolis in the desert region of America with a funding of $400 billion.

The project spans across 1,50,000 acres and aims to offer eco-friendly architecture, sustainable energy production and drought-resistant water system.   It will be based on a 15-minute city design that allows residents to access amenities of daily life, workplaces and schools, all within a 15-minute commute from their homes.

With planners exploring locations ranging from Arizona, Idaho, Nevada to Texas, Utah and Appalachian regions, the first phase of the project would accommodate 50,000 residents across 1500 acres and would cost an estimated $25bn. The project will be funded by private investors, philanthropists, federal and state grants and economic development subsidies.

Residents will start living in Telosa by 2030 and by 2070 the city aims to reach a population of 5 million.  Project architects Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) unveiled a series of digital renderings of Telosa that shows residential buildings covered with greenery and residents experiencing open spaces.

Autonomous vehicles and scooters with a complete ban on fossil fuel powered vehicles is also part of the design.  There is also a proposed skyscraper that was shown in these rendering that will feature elevated water storage, aeroponic farms and an energy-producing photovoltaic roof.