General Contractor Saves More than ₹ 50 Lakhs with Powerplay

Company Details

The Challenge

Jay Constructions and Consultants strives to provide value-added services to all its customers through innovation in construction. With massive scaling and growth, the company reached a tipping point with the limitations of pen and paper. Tracking the progress of multiple projects and understanding which vendor to pay and when to pay became strenuous. Going through various WhatsApp messages or adding more members to the team became inefficient and caused much loss in terms of money and time.

The Solution

With Powerplay; the Director, project managers, and site engineers can keep track of all data related to the project in their hands. Powerplay acts as a digital assistant as different team members can track attendance, keep records of the inventory details, and check on task progress efficiently. The web software and mobile app make collaboration and communication easier between the site and the office team.

The Results


Cost Savings
The material and attendance features have helped them save 4% on their overall project cost. Today, they have organized records on labor and vendor attendance and material expenditures, providing clear visibility of payables and receivables.

Project Visibility
The entire team gets visibility on the progress of various projects; it has solved the problem of project delays by saving us almost 506 days.

Task and chat features let the team members communicate with one click. People can be held accountable easily, and it increases transparency across teams.


“Before Powerplay, WhatsApp was our only channel for communication. We did not realize that the human resources and money were being exhausted because of the communication gaps. Powerplay became a one-stop solution where we can communicate, collaborate and manage without hassle. Now I understand digital solutions can streamline construction management and help understand various projects’ health seamlessly.”

– Mr. Karthik, Director JAYCC

A Digital Software to Revolutionize Construction

Powerplay is adding to JCC’s growth by helping them move from a “paper-based” to a “digital cloud-based” construction management model. Jay Constructions and Consultants is a team of young Design Engineers, Site Engineers, and Contractors. Their solid vision of providing uncompromised quality while implementing robust engineering has made them one of the demanding and fast-growing construction and Design Consultation company in Bangalore.

Mr. Puneet, the Senior Project Manager at JayCC, discusses digital solutions’ importance. “Our main objective was to build smarter while ensuring that the quality is not compromised in any way. We wanted to deliver excellence to our customers while maintaining the cost margin. I have been in the construction industry for over a decade and know the struggles and inefficiencies.

Creating daily and weekly progress reports with the appropriate data is one of the most time-consuming tasks. It becomes a massive issue when multiple projects are running simultaneously. As a Project Manager, I know that with the help of pen and paper, only a certain amount of data can be recorded. We can’t make sure even that data is flawless.
Powerplay helps us a lot; as a Project Manager, I made numerous calls to understand the project’s progress. But now, all it takes is just a tap. The report that gets generated is clear and fine-tuned so well. The numbers are accurate regarding progress, materials used, and deadlines. We can share it on different platforms, and we can keep it in our record by downloading it as well. This one-click solution helps in maintaining transparency with the entire team.”

WhatsApp is not the right way.

Communication is a crucial factor in the construction industry. Various personas are involved in a single project, and the information chain passed on can go wrong. Powerplay as software acts as a bridge between multiple personas. Karthik (Director) explains, “Little inefficiencies and miscommunication can aggravate into a huge issue, affecting the overall budget and period of the project. These gaps majorly cause project delays as the progress visibility and timeline are not transparent.”

“I used to juggle between sites to understand the progress and mitigate risks if there are any. But now, I can stay on top of all projects and understand the issues beforehand. I can save time and focus on adding value to other tasks. We can share real-time updates with photos amongst the team and our clients. The software enables everyone-our employees and all stakeholders to be more efficient, and the trust factor increases tremendously.”


“I can give a classic example of a project manager asking a question to a site engineer related to the inventory details. Usually, they might have to run back to check the paper records to deliver an answer, and later the project manager updates the Director. Now, all we have to do is open our app and understand the number of materials used. Usually, a digital solution might not be easy for the site team to adapt. But the app is built efficiently and is very user-friendly. The entire site team can use it easily without facing any complications. Digitising site details gives everyone easy access to information, importantly accurate information.”

Mitigating Risks in Real-Time

The construction industry is one of the most information-fuelled enterprises. It is vital to keep track of the materials and labor along with the projects’ details and timelines. The solution to be efficient and effective is to sync the entire team with one truth in real-time. This digitalization process is here to give immediate access to information and ensure the data is accurate.
“Powerplay is a platform for people in construction,” Karthik says. “It is not just about the digital solution they bring to the market. I have had conversations with various people at Powerplay; they are focused on their journey to streamline construction management through technology. This makes them understand our mission and deliver quick solutions to accommodate our needs. With everything getting digitalized, we are glad that we can join hands with Powerplay in our growth journey.”


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