What is UltraTech Cement Price in India?

ultratech cement price in India

UltraTech Cement Ltd stands prominently as India’s largest producer of grey cement and ready-mix concrete (RMC), with a staggering annual output capacity of 136.65 million tonnes per annum (MTPA). Boasting a network of over 230 RMC plants spread across more than 100 cities, UltraTech is not only a leader in India but also a notable player on the global stage. For those considering UltraTech for their construction projects, it’s essential to understand the company’s comprehensive range of cement grades, coupled with the latest pricing information.


UltraTech cement price in India


As a key contributor to India’s reputation as a significant cement-producing nation, UltraTech Cement Ltd exemplifies industry leadership and operational excellence within the cement industry. In this blog, we have provided a complete guide on the types of grades UltraTech offers and the latest UltraTech cement price in India. This overview of UltraTech’s offerings will help you make informed decisions for your construction needs.


UltraTech Cement Ltd: About the brand


UltraTech Cement Ltd


UltraTech Cement Ltd is the best cement flagship of the Aditya Birla Group, positioned as a major powerhouse in the building solutions sector with a valuation of approximately USD 8.4 billion. As India’s largest manufacturer of grey cement, ready-mix concrete (RMC), and white cement, understanding the cost of cement is crucial for budgeting and planning construction projects effectively.

UltraTech is also recognised as the third-largest cement producer globally, excluding China. With an impressive installed capacity of 151.90 million tonnes per annum and a sales volume of 105.71 million tonnes per annum, UltraTech stands out for its extensive product range and its substantial impact on the construction industry both in India and internationally.


Grades of UltraTech cement available




UltraTech Super Cement offers a variety of cement grades, each suited to different types of construction needs. Each grade is designed to work with specific concrete mix ratios to achieve the desired strength and durability.


33 Grade UltraTech Cement: 

This grade is typically used for plastering and other less structural forms of construction where high strength isn’t crucial. It’s best used for concrete mixes up to M20, a mix with a certain ratio of cement, sand, and aggregates suitable for mild conditions. While 33 Grade UltraTech Cement is suitable for mild conditions, Portland Slag Cement offers additional benefits for specific use cases.


43 Grade UltraTech Cement: 

This is the most commonly used cement grade in India, ideal for general construction that requires more strength than 33-grade but not the highest strength. It can be used for plastering, plain concrete work, and pre-casting items like tiles and pipes. It works well with concrete mixes up to M30, making it versatile for moderate to high strength requirements.

Additionally, PPC grade cement is known for its high strength and durability, making it a popular choice for various construction projects.


53 Grade UltraTech Cement: 

This grade is the highest standard available and is used for major construction projects that demand high durability and strength, such as industrial structures and high-rise buildings. It is compatible with concrete mixes above M25 and suitable for the most demanding construction tasks. 53 Grade UltraTech Cement is also ideal for precast and prestressed concrete applications, ensuring high strength and durability for demanding construction tasks.

Additionally, UltraTech produces Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC):

  • OPC is often used in major or industrial construction due to its strength and quick setting.
  • PPC is more environmentally friendly and generally used for residential construction due to its durability and resistance to chemical attacks.

Each of these cement types and grades has specific applications based on their strength characteristics and the environmental conditions they can withstand. UltraTech’s range ensures that a cement grade is available for almost any construction requirement.


Price of UltraTech Cement in India


Grade Price
33 grade OPC Rs 390
43 grade OPC Rs 395
53 grade OPC Rs 385
43 grade PPC Rs 410
53 grade PPC Rs 430



As India’s largest manufacturer of grey cement and ready-mix concrete, UltraTech Cement Ltd plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s infrastructure. With a robust production capacity of 136.65 million tonnes per annum and a widespread presence across over 230 RMC plants in more than 100 cities, UltraTech is instrumental in supporting a wide range of construction needs.

UltraTech Cement is also widely used to produce precast concrete products, ensuring high quality and durability for various construction needs. This overview should serve as a helpful guide for selecting the right cement grade for various construction projects, providing you with the necessary insights into UltraTech’s extensive product range and current market prices, ensuring your project’s success with top-quality materials.

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