Avoid delays and control costs in your construction business

Get visibility of progress, material and labour in one place.

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India's construction is moving online with Powerplay

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Project Management with Intelligence

Manage your projects in one centralized platform, built for teams of all sizes.

Manage Multiple Projects

Check the real-time progress of multiple projects from a single app

Labour Attendance and Report

Track the presence of workers and manage your on-site workforce needs better

Site Reporting

Streamline communication to let your on-site team share real-time updates with pictures

Tasks and Issues

Assign tasks, highlight issues, and ensure progress is made according to the project timeline

Manage Budgeting and BoQ

Oversee the budget and manage billing of quantities with an intuitive dashboard and automated daily use cases

Material Requests and Purchases

Register, send and track material requests and purchase orders from a single platform


How will I get to know that materials are actually consumed in the site when a new request has been raised?

You can go to inventory and check the consumption of material and if you wanted to see each and every day material consumption then they can pull out the report for material/inventory.

Can I upload my BOQ and will the plan get automatically created?

Yes we can upload the BOQ's but for the planning we need to work out a little, BOQ helps us to plan accordingly with the issued materials.

Estimation Calculation?

Yes, we have this when you assigned task to site team that time you can put the estimation cost for completion of whole task.

How to manage Time?

With Powerplay, you not only get daily progress update but even hourly progress update. So, to manage time you can always keep track whether project progress is as per schedule or not. In this way, you can keep track of the time for your projects and ensure they do not get delayed.

Can I store my drawings and docs in it?

Yes. In the initial stages of transferring your data onto the app you can upload and store your drawing plans and project documents.

What is the difference between the Free version and Paid version.

Free Version have limited Features for Construction Management and they can only use Mobile app. But in the paid version they can use web Dashboard and mobile App, In Paid version they can have the support from our KAM side, they can have the tailored onboarding process as per there requirements. In paid we are helping and giving support to organisation for site team and office team training so that they can have better understanding of all the features. We are also helping them to onboard there running project through the help of Activation team.

What is the cost of the product?

Presently, Powerplay comes with two types of subscription plans - Pro+ at ₹9999(quarterly) + 18%GST and Pro at ₹3099(quarterly) + 18%GST

Can you give me discounts on yearly charges?

The discount can never go par 20% which is applicable only in the case of yearly subscription.Discounts on product subscription - be it quarterly or yearly is subject to ongoing discount campaigns. On an average, we do provide our new users with a discount of 10% for their first quarterly subscription.

Difference between SAP and Powerplay?

Powerplay offerings include a range of products and services but SAPprovides from customer relationship management (CRM) to analytics and enterprise mobility.

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