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What is the use of DPR in construction and civil engineering?

What is the use of DPR in construction and civil engineering?

Daily Progress Report(DPR) in construction and civil engineering is a record that includes all the activities and events taking place on a construction site on a daily basis. They are also known as daily site records, site journals, construction logs, etc.

These reports generally include information related to project progress, the quantity of material, quality of work, delays, regulation issues, etc. They also include critical data generally comprising operation schedules, contact details, roles and responsibilities, locations, weather, time used, etc. All this information can be used as evidence for the work completed and can also be used to track overall project status.

DPR allows managers to assess project execution on a day-to-day basis and to track activities, problems, and solutions which help in managing the construction project more effectively and efficiently. This report can be used as official evidence to resolve disputes arising due to site activities. Clients can easily go through all aspects of the project at any given time and provide suggestions if they feel any project operation needs to be addressed.

With the introduction of digital apps in the construction industry, employees can now update and refer to site information in real-time without any lag in communication. With the help of these apps, managers can easily prepare DPRs in a matter of seconds. And the best part is that the cloud storage facility provided by these apps makes the data recorded in these DPRs more secure.