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What is the purpose of DPR?

The purpose of Daily Project Reports(DPR) is to record every small detail about whatever is happening on-site daily. The daily log information needs to be recorded in as much detail as possible to make it easy for even a non-technical person to understand. The DPR acts as a very important document in driving the project forward more efficiently and effectively.

DPRs can be used by employees to remain on the same page. The information filed in the DPRs helps every employee to know the current project status and thereby act accordingly to carry out the subsequent project operations seamlessly.

Clients can stay informed about the project progress by going through the DPR and recommending suggestions if they feel any changes are required. By allowing clients and stakeholders to remain actively informed about the project’s progress the project team can carry forward with the project operations without any setbacks.

The tracking of activities through DPRs can help construction professionals in improving other future projects with similar project variables. These DPRs provide better visibility and insights into project execution and thus enhance construction management. They also help in improving the performance of the individuals and teams which subsequently improves the company’s effectiveness.

DPRs can be used as evidential records to identify the real cause of the problem and the people responsible for it. DPRs while acting as evidential documents not only settle internal disputes within construction companies but also protects the company from external allegations. The project records mentioned in the DPR presents all the happenings of the construction site in detail and in a standard chronological order.