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What is the boq in civil engineering?

BOQ in civil engineering is a document called the bill of quantity that is prepared by an estimator and includes almost exact costs related to project operation computed by multiplying the quantity of work with the rate of work.

One of the most important documents in the tendering and contracting process, BOQ gives an idea about the estimated project cost that a tendering firm is planning to offer.

Purpose of preparing a BOQ

  • Before the beginning of the tendering process, it is quite useful to prepare BOQ for cost planning.
  • During the tendering process, BOQs with empty spaces for rates and quantities is given to the bidders and the bidder with the lowest bid gets awarded with the contract.
  • The client gets a clear understanding of the project cost estimate by seeing a BOQ filled with rates and quantities.
  • BOQ acts as a parameter for the valuation of variation.

Types of BOQ in Construction

  • Bill of Materials(BOM): BOM document comprises the estimated cost of materials based on their quantity and rates.
  • Bill of Labour: This document comprises the estimated labour costs based on their number and daily rate