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What is Material Management

Material Management at construction sites is essential for the completion of a project on time and within the stipulated budget. It is an important part of planning and control. It rakes in a major part of the project expense due to which material procurement and purchase costs are important opportunities for reducing costs. Construction materials management requires streamlining of the materials for seamless project execution. It helps companies to keep track of their materials so that all projects are carried out ensuring quality and quantity control. Improper management of construction materials results in excess and unwanted costs, postponement and delay in progress. If materials are purchased before their requirement or in excess, unwanted capital is stuck and interest charges may incur on excess inventory of materials. Activities might be delayed and extra expenses can occur due to unavailability of the required materials. Managing of construction materials should be taken care of since the initial planning stages until the monitoring phase and completion

Construction materials management include the following steps :

  • Estimation of the quantity of overall material that would be needed throughout the project and budget that should be allocated for it should be planned before of the start of the project.
  • The procurement of materials from trusted suppliers or manufacturers and purchasing the required quantity at the best price or performance as specified by the firm.
  • Inspection of the received goods for any kind of damage or irregularity. The inventory keeper should check the quality and quantity of the materials as per the order receipt.
  • Before receiving the materials at site or a central warehouse proper space should be allocated to avoid wastage of time and labor efforts, and delay in activities.
  • The purchased materials represent the inventory used in the construction project. While maintaining the inventory the primary aim should be minimizing the total cost of keeping the inventory and in process avoiding all types of cost categories.
  • In case of the waste generated and the residue left in the inventory after use of some materials, it should be put to use if possible or recycled rather than disposing it of

Management of construction materials manually with a help of an inventory keeper is a tiresome job and is prone to occurrence of errors. Managing and keeping records of materials in a logbook is not an efficient way of processing material requirement and its distribution. The material requirement for all simultaneous tasks has to be tracked from record maintained by the keeper which is a tedious task in itself causing time wastage and distraction from tasks. Sometimes the inventories are located centrally for various sites which makes the process more cumbersome. In order to ensure smooth and organized availability of records, of materials, construction companies are gradually shifting towards using softwares and mobile based applications easily available at the tip of their fingers. Mobile based applications are preferred because of their ease of access anywhere. There are many applications that can be used for contruction material management such as PowerPlay app, Vyapar, CaptainBiz, etc. PowerPlay app is one of the most recentand useful applications that covers all areas related to construction material tracking