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What are architectural columns?

What are architectural columns?

Architectural columns are the supporting structures that also include elegant architectural designs used for their shape and structure. These columns are not only quite strong and durable but also pleasing to the eye. The elegant designs carved on it and the attractive shapes makes them stand out from the rest of the building structure.

Architectural columns had very unique features and were mostly used in ancient times by mainly the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans who laid great emphasis on art and architecture. The features found in these columns are still used in present times due to their flawless details, proportionate designs, and wonderful carvings.

The Greeks typically built three types(or orders) of architectural columns named Ionic, Doric and Corinthian. The famous Parthenon in Ancient Greece is a perfect example of iconic structures including architectural columns, based on the Doric order.

The architectural columns used by the Romans also included the Greek column orders along with three other types of columns named Superposed, Tuscan and Colossal.

The Egyptians had the maximum types of architectural numbers to use from. They had eight types of columns named Fluted, Plamiform, Papyriform, Coniform, Tent Pole, Campaniform, Hathoric, and Osiride.