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What are 5 roles of the construction manager during the construction phase?

The 5 roles of the construction manager during the construction phase are :

01 - Planning

Before coming on board, the construction manager clearly defines the project objectives and reaches an agreement with the client on these objectives. Thereafter he conveys these objectives to the project management team in such a way that it makes it clear to everybody what should be done in order to accomplish the project. He plans the tasks accordingly that have to be done by different parties such as subcontractors, consultants, etc for which the respective parties will be accountable. The construction manager leads the development of plans to achieve specific tasks.

02 - Organising Tasks

The construction manager sees through the availability of resources required for all tasks in advance of the schedule. He executes respective contracts with subcontractors under a defined budget and time with the scope of the task and supplies. The project manager inherently organizes the project in such a way that the employees are encouraged to work in line with the directions provided for completing jobs as per schedule.

03 - Monitoring and Controlling

The construction manager defines certain ways or tools that must be used to monitor and control the actual progress of the project. All individuals must be made familiar with using the defined process for updating tasks' progress. He can keep track of the setbacks and accomplishments related to the project regularly and be proactive in defining and initiating impromptu decisions.

04 - Leading

A construction manager inspires every individual to work diligently in order to achieve a common goal. He clearly defines roles for everybody and conveys what he expects from them. He helps in collaborating individual and different team efforts to make progress. He promotes team participation for solving problems and decision-making, giving due credit for their respective contributions and praising them to the authorities.

05 - Employee Development

A construction manager should assign tasks to them based on their strengths and provide a flexible environment for their jobs. He should be able to offer several opportunities to his team members for their personal and professional growth. He should arrange training sessions for employees to enhance their skills. He should give due credit to them and promote their achievements to the respective authorities.