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How does DPR benefit the owner?

How does DPR benefit the owner?

Daily Project Report(DPR) allows clients to keep track of project progress and to see if the operations are being executed appropriately. Clients can go through a DPR whenever they wish to (even on a daily basis) and be informed of the project ongoings. Since the project is being executed to fulfill the client’s objectives, keeping them updated with an official record of project progress is a good method to keep them satisfied.

Any client would want a greater return on investment(ROI) from the final project structure and since the construction sector is a costly, time-taking, risky, and sensitive industry, it is best to follow a methodology that allows clients to track and construction professionals to record each event and activity that takes place on the construction project site.

Each activity in charge does not need to meet the client to keep them updated about individual operations. Clients can refer to the DPR for tracking or analyzing project operations. Thus, DPR plays an important role in improving communication not only between the operation teams but also between contractors and the client.

In recent times, digital apps have made it very easy to create DPRs in an instant. These apps allow employees to upload project information when the activity is completed. The real-time process of updating construction site information makes it easier for clients to take a look at every aspect of the project.