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What is Reinforced Brick Masonry?

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What is Reinforced Brick Masonry?

Reinforced bricks are different from regular bricks, where the reinforcement is embedded inside the mortar. The brickwork is reinforced with a small amount of reinforcement in the form of mesh or thin rods and can withstand compressive as well as tensile shear stresses.

Reinforced brick masonry generally involves the use of first-class bricks with high-density cement mortar that also helps in resisting lateral forces. Therefore, they are mainly used for the construction of structures in seismic zones. In addition, reinforced bricks provide the structure with greater ductility and rigidity than regular bricks.

Reinforced bricks are used for walls that are prone to tensile stresses and require both vertical and horizontal reinforcement. Horizontal reinforcements made of steel mesh need to be evenly distributed on the cement mortar and uniformly pressed and are placed at every third or fourth course. Vertical reinforcement is provided with special bricks that have grooves where the bars are placed. Both reinforcements should be covered with a minimum cover of 15 cm to 25 cm.

Reinforced brick masonry is commonly used in the construction of retaining walls, siding, flooring, roof panels, and the manufacture of precast brick panels. In addition, it is cheaper than reinforced concrete because labor costs are significantly reduced.