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What is a bar bending schedule(BBS) in civil engineering?

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Bar bending schedule(BBS) in civil engineering is the process of calculating the total quantity of steel reinforcements required for the entire building construction project. During the bar bending schedule, many queries such as what is the quantity of bars required? what type of steel is required? and what amount of steel will be required by RCC? are answered.

Some essential points that need to be considered during the bar bending schedule are:

  • The steel reinforcements should be kept properly in a group so that they can be easily identified for use in every structural unit and their list should be well organised for every floor.
  • The steel bars should be arranged in numerical order.
  • Each and every bar in all the bundles should be labelled properly with their respective shape, size and length.
  • The length at which bars should be cut and bent must be calculated separately.

Importance of BBS

  • Bar bending schedule assists in determining the amount of reinforcement required in a construction project, especially a house.
  • The early calculation of cutting and bending the steel reinforcements required for a construction project reduces wastage and reduces excess costs.
  • Also, if the reinforcement drawings are received beforehand, the cutting and bending process can be executed in the warehouse before transporting it which in turn speed up the construction process and also reduces transportation costs.
  • Site engineers’ work becomes easier if the reinforcements are bent and cut before placing the concrete.