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The Cantilever Pipe Shaped Holiday Home Hanging in Mid-Air
On October 21, 2021 By Anshul

Moscow based architect, Sergey Kuznetsov, designed a cantilever pipe-shaped holiday home. They are calling it “Russian Quintessential”. It is situated on the edge of a slope in Russia’s Nikola-Lenivets Art Park.

Besides being a holiday home, it is also a work of art.  It was exhibited this June, at Archstoyanie Festival and is also known as Russia’s Burning Man.

This cabin is designed to accommodate visitors of the park which has several art exhibits amidst nature in the city of Kaluga, Oblast. It is a stainless-steel structure with one end fixed to the foundation hidden underground and the other end being free.

To create the impression of the cabin hanging in mid-air, the home’s foundation is concealed inside a small hill that had to be almost completely demolished. It was rebuilt and reinforced with sand cushions to create the magical effect of the home hanging in mid-air.

Some of the features of this holiday home are:

  • Single continuous sheet of stainless steel that reflects the surrounding forest.
  • The home weighs 12 tons and is held together using six bolts
  • The structure is reinforced with sand cushions to create an impression of cabin hanging in mid air
  • Electricity and plumbing units of this house is in the foundation under the ground.

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A shipbuilding technique called Traverse Framing was used to build the structure

  • It is a system of closely-spaced circular ribs running along the length of the entire building.
  • Framing is made out of cut-outs from stainless steel
  • Connected by horizontal guides called stringers.
  • These ribs and stringers are strong and lightweight, self-supportive and strong.
  • The building consists of six cylindrical modules
  • Each module is manufactured simultaneously and connected together.