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Robotic Vehicles for Construction Field Layout
On October 29, 2021 By Sanyam

Construction industry depends primarily on manual labour.  Since last few years robots and drones are being increasingly used in the construction business.  Due to labour shortage, there has been a scope for the use of robots on site. To enable the layout process with robotics, Consigli, a construction company has partnered with Rugged Robotics to test the use of small robotic vehicles.  The pilot version of this program was conducted in a field layout of 240000 square feet life sciences building. This involved carrying out field layout by small robotic vehicles instead of the traditional method of using tape and chalk.

These vehicles were able to mark coordinated designs on the concrete floor.  How it was done is also interesting – by uploading project drawing into the system and then these vehicles were rolled out around the job site for layout.

In terms of speed, accuracy and coordination, the new techniques are far better than conventional ones.  With the success of the pilot, CEO Anthony Consigli, Jack Moran believes that it is a small step towards the use of Robotics in construction work.  Robotics can be applied to control check-ups, move construction materials around job sites and carry high risk works that are unsafe for humans.

Before the pilot version took shape, Derrick Morse, co-founder and CEO of Rugged Robotics visited different job sites and interacted with construction workers. Consigli aims to use technology in the construction field in safe and efficient way and will continue collaboration with Rugged Robotics to exhibit new applications for robotic vehicles.

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