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Is there a construction app?

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There are numerous construction apps available specifically for designing project structures, managing projects, and calculating project resources. They can be categorized as:

01 - Construction Design apps or software used for construction projects are used to plan and design a project digitally from scratch. These apps assist in computing the structural plans and dimensions of a project structure. Some of these applications also have advanced features such as 3D visualization of the proposed structure virtually. The most commonly used construction design apps are AUTOCAD, REVIT, SketchUp, STAADPro, and SAP2000.

02 - Construction Management apps are used to schedule and manage project operations in a proper sequence. All the project variables from resource maintenance to project report preparation can be done using construction management apps. Most of these management apps are cloud-based and let you share project progress updates using pictures. Major construction management apps used are BIM 360, Stack, CoConstruct, PlanGrid and Procore.

03 - Construction calculators can be considered more of addon apps than construction apps because they are used to roughly calculate the resource requirement for common project types such as home and pavement construction. These calculators can also be used to convert material quantities into different units for ease of calculation. There are numerous construction calculators available on the internet which can be used for rough calculations..