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How to prepare a construction daily progress report?

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A construction daily project report(DPR) can be created in simple steps - creating a cover page, recording project operation details, weather report(if required), work completed, equipment used, resources utilized, resources ordered and received, delays occurred, site attendance, important activities carried out, meetings, safety followed, visitors, sign, name, and date. All these steps can be broadly classified into four major steps - creating a cover page, recording project site events, signing with the date, and at last filing the report.

The cover page should include the project’s name, basic information about the project, date, site location, and the name of the reporting individual. Other important information should also be included that would allow the client to get an idea of the day’s work just by looking at the cover page.

The day’s proceedings at the construction site should either be recorded at regular intervals throughout the day or as soon as the event occurs and as per the construction requirement. Recording all the data at the end of a day’s work can be confusing and may miss out on certain details. Start by mentioning the weather, followed by the work logs chronologically, the equipment used, materials used, site attendance, and resource order received from vendors.

After recording all that has happened throughout the day, fill in the details about future resource requirements, delays experienced, significant events(if any), list of visitors, and end of the day(EOD) meeting details. Fill in the name of the report writer, his signature, and the date.

The last step consists of filing the report to the project manager or other authorized persons so that the recorded data is secured for future references and project analysis.

The process of preparing DPRs have evolved over time from ledgers to MS Excel to digital apps. MS Excel is being rarely used presently to prepare DPRs. Nowadays, DPRs for most construction projects are prepared on these apps which do not require the signature of the person preparing them.