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How Does the Construction Industry Work in India and How can it be Transformed?
On December 31, 2020 By Iesh Dixit

Real estate and construction is a rapidly growing enterprise in India, with evident and exponential growth in both statistical demand and logistics supply. The growth is not just limited to India, but extensive growth has been registered worldwide in the recent few decades. For any construction project, it is essential that the site productivity and safety of the structures are considered as top priorities. The safety of the equipment and the workforce present at the site should be kept under supervision for better and efficient working of the ecosystem.

In India, the construction industry is quite huge in scale, and given the current scenario, the industry is the second-largest employer, marginally beaten by agriculture taking the first place. The working environment these days involves quite large and complex working machines, built with the latest technology, and supported by an efficient workforce to handle such resources.

The major downside experienced is the in-efficiency of people involved in the process of construction productivity. The Indian construction labour force is the most important aspect; major work is carried out manually. This puts the civil engineers, site workers, site supervisors, project managers, and other people involved at major risk. It is quite essential to maintain human safety in such an environment.

Lacking Factors in the Current System

  • The construction industry is primarily responsible for a stable economy by sharing more than 10% of the national GDP.
  • The Indian industry is built up with close to 600 or more construction companies, including the equipment manufacturing companies as well.
  • The sector, as mentioned earlier, is supported by an extensive backbone of the labour-oriented workforce.
  • More money is poured into manual labour than technology in India, with more than 60 million households dependent on the construction industry.
  • It is time that the construction industry starts to make some smart decisions, and innovate their current methods.

The sector has shown immense potential from an economic point of view. The construction sector has been quite rewarding for the people investing their time as a career opportunity or business.

Growth has also been driven by foreign investments in the national infrastructure plan, the newly declared Affordable Rental Housing Complex (ARHC) scheme, and other strategic business-related investments have been initiated on all fronts due to the Indian government’s push towards ‘vocal for local,’ under the ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ initiative; to reduce foreign dominance over the local lands and increase the ecosystem to be more self-reliant, thereby creating an unaffected industry from both supply and demand. With different government undertakings and laws passed, it has ensured sustainable growth and high employment for future generations.

The public has been more aware in the current times and is more interested in understanding the basic functionalities of the working system in these environments.

Technological and Labour Aspect

  • Given that the major operational and functioning part of the Indian construction industry is the workforce.

    The process has been the same for the past 50 years. The whole management and planning of resources are done manually, and it has always led to delays and mismanagement.

  • No matter how big or small the project, human minds are collectively only capable for certain hours each day. This leaves room for negligence, and causes issues in the system, affecting the smooth transition of work.
  • The industry, though resourceful, there are still some factors that need to be sorted out and eliminate the causality of the current situation.
  • There is a huge risk of survival when surrounded by machines and equipment that can potentially affect your life.

Due to these factors this, there is a shortage of human labour to support the current growth of demand and affecting life expectancy; the need of these times is to come up with effective solutions to divert the limited source of labor and increase productivity for the better. Project performance is another factor that has been raising many concerns with the developers and the customers; every constructional project has been lying on a technicality that the development phase is subject to market conditions.

No company gives the property on the estimated time, and if a delivery is made on time, there are serious issues with the structural integrity of the building. Work done in haste would eventually result in considerable life reduction and raise sustainability concerns. Embracing the disruption and accepting what the digital future has to offer, there have been many innovations in the industry that help in increasing work efficiency, and help avoid the dire need for work labor.

The construction development has been lacking in several planning issues when involved with site and project engineers, along with site workers.

The deep prolonging issue here is the communication gap that prevails in such issues. Different shifts and different people during the operational period increases confusion and raises important concerns that need to be addressed.

Most cases are involved with un-informed people, and being aware of the decisions taken and in progress by the other team leads to wastage of both time and resources. Increasing both the expenses and the overall time required for the development.

For instance, at the site location, when new material is arriving at the location, and on that same day, if there is no leading authority or the site manager to sort things out, it could create confusion on the site. The essential aspect of current technology must be applied to overcome such basic barriers; though minimal, they raise quite big red flags that will affect the whole ecosystem.

The Solution

To cope up with such primitive and underlying problems, there is a need for an upgrade that will ensure all the processes are accounted for, and things are managed effortlessly. Powerplay comes with the same mindset of uplifting the current construction scenario in India. With a vision to create a construction automation process, Powerplay aims to create an ecosystem that keeps all the people in the construction app project connected and in the same loop.

Powerplay OS is a portable application environment that overcomes any issues of efficiency and network to oversee the development and compositional tasks; it will be perceived as development computerization.

Powerplay monitors all the assets and labor that are put into an undertaking. It brings an organization of a similar multitude of basic individuals-’ eEngineers, aArchitects, quality control managers, and vendors together through the application. This consistent organization will guarantee that every one of them is included, associated, and educated regarding each modification on the working site. The application can also create a rendering process for interior design. With the help of interior architecture modeling, the application can estimate the cost and also project the final outcome for better visualization.


Powerplay OS, the construction software, is a versatile development application with a simple-to-utilize interface, and is also responsive in a low bandwidth connection. The application guarantees that nobody passes up a major opportunity and is continually in sync with all the advancements made at the site. The robotized programming keeps all the workers, planners, and site engineers in check to ensure accountability of work and steady progression.

Powerplay OS keeps all the project details on an online server for easy access, ensuring low loss or tampering of construction plans.

User base:

The main issue intention that Powerplay attempts to solve is connectivity and help increase productivity with the application benefits it has to offer. The application will help the site engineers, site workers, and site supervisors be on the same page and avoid any time wastage of any kind.

Site Teams:

The on-site groups engaged with development arranging and site format would profit by getting live updates from the application. This would build their efficiency and evade any time and asset wastage. The application generates daily progress reports, labor reports, and machinery reports as required by different management teams. It also creates a timetable of the worklist and the targets as explained on a deeper level below -

Managing material requests- Material handling with proper permits will advise the site groups to have approval over every material transfer, which would be taken care of under every individual, guaranteeing responsibility for materials. The important aspect of avoiding unnecessary expenses and being cost-effective is the motive of the purchase department that the application is intended to solve. This tries not to hamper assets and keeps orders in place, and restores order in the supply and demand chain in the construction site.

Goods and materials are labeled for keeping track of their location on the site; the notes would be approved by the individuals enrolled on the portable application. Making it an eventful circumstance that can be considered responsible if there should be an occurrence of a botch.

Powerplay would inform the people on the application, and iIt would handily show all the issues and setbacks experienced on-site; the problems could be anything, from labor-related to planning delays. Powerplay would be an effective solution as it would suggest an alternative plan to overcome any situation faced.

Office Groups:

The development programming is capable of putting away all the buy requests and material solicitations transferred into the centralized server. The office can handle the essential operations through the application with a construction management perspective.

The back end will look into the rundown of all the invoices received on location, taking out the danger of losing the paperwork while following the chain of command up to the head office.

The product would run an analysis and give a day-by-day progress report to show the status report of all the tasks planned in the system mainframe. It would send the machinery report explaining the status and condition of the equipment on site.

The product makes a system that empowers the purchase automation sector. This element has automated the cycle where the framework is designed to check the inventory and equipment, eliminating the need for human attention. This eliminates the need for a workforce required in the inventory where Powerplay carries out the task for your company.


As an owner of the property and as a decision maker, it's hard to keep a track of each development, for proprietors it is essential to know what is happening at the site.

Powerplay gives simplicity of openness to proprietors to keep a tab of all the procedures in the building site internally. This gives a choice to distantly control and deliver plans for the structural site groups to follow, keeping a feeling of orderly progression through iIt gives the clients approximate future costs that may be needed to bring about the cross-referring to site plans. and forthcoming buy sol

The product framework is completely computerized to help ascertain the task material and work prerequisites to maintain a strategic distance from the wastage of monetary assets.


The pricing of the application is based on the current usage, and with time there would be advancement made depending on the needs of projects, which would affect the costing over time. The charges for the cutting edge application are projected over the size of the construction site. This creates a flexible payment option for an individual or big projects.

The charges would depend on the number of projects needed to automate, and the scale of the project.


Powerplay is the next big solution that the construction industry needs; it will help get your projects organized and completed on time. Powerplay will be responsible for creating a perfect and efficient timeline with the best management system. It has the best projection techniques providing better visualization and automates processes like invoicing and budget calculations. The application is stored in a secure and digital format, eliminating the possibility of tampering or missing planning sheets. At PowerplayOS, we will experience the undertaking necessities, the partners present in the project, the expense of the task, and so forth and will offer the best cost in your reach to address your issues.