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How can you use DPR in disputes?

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How can you use DPR in disputes?

In case of disputes, DPRs can be used as evidential records to identify the real cause of the problem and the people responsible for it. DPRs while acting as evidential documents not only settle internal disputes within construction companies but also protects the company from external allegations. The project records mentioned in the DPR presents all the happenings of the construction site in detail and in a standard chronological order.

Some mistakes may show up days or months after project completion and finding the responsible employee or team without a DPR becomes quite difficult. For instance, if any specific project operation is accomplished not as per guidelines, and the person in charge has informed the stakeholders about it which was mentioned in the DPR. Later on, when that particular operation impacts the project adversely at any given point in time, it is convenient to identify the culprits.