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How can DPR improve productivity and performance?

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DPR can improve the productivity and performance of construction projects by providing details about different aspects of project execution that either work in favour or against the project’s progress. Since it contains all information related to daily activities happening on-site, proper assessment and analysis can be done using the data to figure out what steps should be taken to improve project performance.

The speed with which project operations are being executed and how teams and individuals collaborate can be analyzed using DPRs. This provides better insights into project processes and improvements that can be achieved to ensure smooth project execution. Slight changes in project execution methods can have a massive impact on the entire project.

DPRs play an important part in elevating the level of communication among teams and individuals. Employees can quickly access information from the DPR to understand the current resource requirement and intermediary project objectives. Even new employees can go through DPRs to understand the current project status, their responsibilities, and project deliverables without the need for communicating this information to them personally.

In conclusion, DPRs can be treated as project evaluation timesheets which can be leveraged to increase the productivity and performance of construction projects throughout their duration. By assessing individual performances, team integration and collaboration, and correlation between project operations through DPRs, project performance as well as productivity, can be significantly improved.