Construction Site Audits

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October 21, 2021

Site audits are quite essential for construction projects given the high rate of workplace mishaps and project delays. Site audits are official inspections of firms or their resources. These are done to check whether work is on track, work is being done as per given regulations, material checks, the safety of employees, environmentally friendly practices, etc. Site audits can be said to be evaluations that are done not only from a financial point of view but also from different viewpoints that help in keeping the project on track and improving its management. The news of site audits might cause a stir in the workplace environment as people view it as judgments that might have consequences. The thought of getting evaluated may make the employees afraid. Site audits provide independent views of progress on-site and its condition. Any obstruction to the progress of the tasks must be reported during site audits and areas that require improvement must be highlighted. Construction site audits can be done internally or externally, i.e., by selected members of the company or contractors or a third party. Externally done site audits are more accurate and show a better picture of the sites as the auditing team comprises unknown individuals. Site audits can be wished to be done by clients who want to know the progress and if it is on time or by contractors wishing to know whether the subcontractors are doing their job correctly.

Construction Site audits can be of several types that include: 

  • Health & Safety Audit- This audit is done to ascertain whether health and safety laws are being followed. Assessment can be done for checking workers wearing prescribed safety gear on-site necessary more than whether failing on-site regularly failing to perish for specified tasks, safety signs, safe transport system, etc.

  • Financial & Accounting Audit- To check whether the budget is being dispensed in line with the agreed contract this audit is done. Any cost addons that might go out of budget are assessed by this audit. This audit also checks for any coming delays and the quality of work.

  • Project Audit- As the name suggests, this audit is done to ascertain whether the project is on the right track or has swayed from it. 
  • Quality Control Audit- This kind of audit is done to ascertain that construction products being used on site are free from any defects and to prevent mistakes. These audits are proof that the tasks performed on site are in conformation with the quality requirements. Two major aspects of Quality Control Audit are Quality assurance and Quality control.

If construction site audits are not carried out on a regular basis, there will always be chances of the project to perish or fail due to many reasons unknown. Site audits can be considered indispensable for construction sites because: 

  • The cost of construction projects can increase at any given stage of the project which, if left unchecked, might spiral out of control, more than the estimated cost. Construction site audits can help detect the responsible party for an increase in budget and can help keep it under control.
  • Most of the problems caused on construction sites are due to the inefficient work done by employees and failing to complete different tasks on time. A project manager should always keep a check on employees and that the project is being done as per schedule. Audits help assess whether the project manager is doing his job properly and getting things done on time or not.
  • Audits can also assist in meeting the set time schedules. The progress and status of a project can be easily tracked by the audit team. The auditor team can review the progress of the project and interact with employees to get an accurate status of the project and the phase in which it exists.
  • Site audits can promote the use of safety gears and safety standards that have been commissioned for usage on construction sites.

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