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Construction Communication App
On February 14, 2022 By Devendra Kumar

In recent years, when WhatsApp was launched as a go-to tool to fulfill the purpose of communication, the communication gap that has always existed has been filled a little bit, but the major problems related to the management of construction projects are still there. This has led to the development of construction management applications, specially designed not only to fill the communication gap but also to manage construction projects more efficiently.

Even if everyone is working hard, the results of the project cannot be fully achieved unless they work together according to a predetermined schedule. Some or all of the project activities planned for a construction project require input from other related activities that have already been completed. Without a clear line of communication as part of the work process, the above inputs cannot be provided properly or on time to steadily drive the project towards completion.

Communication in Construction

Communication is one of the most essential aspects of carrying out a construction project, as the progress of the project is based on the level of the working team and the established communication system. Without proper communication capabilities and team networks, it can be difficult to keep various operations in sync, creating unwanted coordination gaps that limit the potential work of the entire employee.

Communication is not always a one-on-one or personal interaction between team members working together on a construction project. Communication has evolved from keeping records in a ledger to connecting via text messages and Whatsapp. People regularly check a certain schedule, and managers are responsible for leading people along a hierarchical line of communication. All of this was done using ledgers and notes.

As the construction industry flourished, people started using computers to plan and manage construction projects, and as the digital space evolved, specialized software was created to meet the project management needs of the construction industry.

Communication in Powerplay App

Powerplay is India's leading construction site management software that aims to manage all aspects of the construction site and achieve project objectives in a highly organized manner. Powerplay allows managers to direct employees, add tasks, and approve transactions. Employees can easily update task reports, project status with pictures, manage attendance, track documents, and more.

Feeds Page

Powerplay provides several forms of communication that can occur between employees or with customers. All work done is available for viewing on the Feeds page.

The list of activities on the feeds page can be used as a reference to send notifications to specific employees requesting additional information or information about a particular task. This can be done by clicking the FOLLOW UP button or by sharing the link generated for WhatsApp.

Powerplay App Notifications

Whenever a task is created, all members involved in the task will be notified via Powerplay notifications.

Chat in Powerplay App

Let's talk about the best feature of Powerplay, namely the chat feature. It seems like a simple feature, but it makes the construction management process so much easier and more convenient.

Now, how is Powerplay chat different from other chat platforms in the market like Whatsapp and Messenger? Here are the benefits that make Powerplay chat a better alternative for any kind of construction-related communication:

Benefit 01 - The Powerplay app chat history is available to chat group members forever unless they decide to delete their account. If user lost their smartphone or all the data in their smartphone then they cannot recover WhatsApp messages unless they have backed up the data and all they need to do is download, install and sign in to the Powerplay app to retrieve their entire chat history. . This is possible because, unlike WhatsApp which uses your phone storage to store messages, Powerplay uses cloud storage to store chat content.

Benefit 02 - The chats we have on the regular chat platform cannot be used specifically for work commitments. Chat platforms like WhatsApp are often used for casual chats and when messages related to construction project updates are shared on this platform, the whole management process becomes quite messy. . Powerplay chat only includes messages related to project updates. You can easily browse through all the engineering conversations at any time to refer to the works.

Benefit 03 - When you are working on multiple projects simultaneously, it becomes difficult to keep track of the chat groups created for each project in WhatsApp while in Powerplay, no matter how many groups are created based on the projects you are working on you can still easily manage and monitor the progress of the work. This is possible because in the Powerplay app you only have your work chats listed in the message column, which then allows for seamless management of multiple concurrent projects.

Benefit 04 - Unlike Whatsapp which consumes your local storage and limits the amount of data that can be shared in the longer term, Powerplay does not have these limitations with its cloud storage feature. Share unlimited photos, videos, and documents on the Powerplay app using chat without worrying about your local storage.