Attendance of Employees in Construction Site

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October 6, 2021

The need to maintain attendance in construction sites is more important than other professional scenarios. The simultaneous execution of multiple tasks within a project with a number of employees having different payscales and working hours, calls for use of attendance in construction sites using advanced technologies for smooth running of projects.

Attendance in construction sites nowadays demands the use of biometric, GPS and other advanced methods for the overall benefit of a construction company. Many softwares based upon different platforms help in maintaining attendance records conveniently. In the past years before the onset of smartphones and cyber technologies , attendance ledgers were maintained to record the presence of employees on sites and in offices. This method was quite cumbersome and error-ridden for a construction company because of the manual process and labor intensive field work

Some errors involved in using the manual methods are :

  • Not having the freedom to extract attendance record for a past time as manual records are note easy to maintain and handle
  • A lot of overhead time is wasted in maintaining attendance, hours of work, vacations of employees and the records of new employees on different sites simultaneously.
  • As it is a manual process there is always a chance of error occurring in the records. Even if the recording entity is a trusted employee and does his work diligently, chance of human error is always imminent.
  • In all types of manual methods used for attendance on construction sites, many employees find ways to exploit loopholes in order to fake their presence on site. Buddy punching and Proxy punching also harms the project schedule due the absence of the required staff to kep the project on track.

Manual attendance methods may look easy and cheaper than other methods but in the long run if one looks into the economical and financial aspect involved with it the return on investment(ROI) on automated attendance methods are greater. Since the construction industry is a faced paced, shambolic world and there is often a transposition of a large number of employees within a few days. Thus an automated method for attendance helps in better payroll payouts, regulatory compliance and other processes. Mobile-based software thus helps you keep track of employee attendance efficiently managing the deserved payrolls according to days, hours and overtime.

Some of the benefits of using mobile-based software for attendance in construction sites are :

  • Improvement in accuracy due to the elimination of forgetfulness and human error, assisting the clients with different alternatives and templates for attendance tracking.
  • Saving time and space required for attendance stamping machines on sites which even require far less electricity. It allows remote access to management teams to plan and execute the day’s work in accordance with attendance.
  • It makes the working environment secure by respecting the workers as the updated database provides the managing team with the knowledge of workers on site and on leave. If someone is not present during their working hours, the risks related to their absence from carrying out some tasks can be avoided
  • There are many such software available in the market such as PowerPlay, Corecon, e-builder, etc.

PowerPlay app is one such mobile based software which provides competitive construction management tools. Its overall interface is quite user-friendly for a construction company for all types of tracking assistance required.

Kumar Abhishek Anand
Content Writer

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