6 Ways to choose the right PEB Vendor

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January 22, 2022

Pre-Engineered Building or PEB vendors are those companies who are licensed to manufacture buildings with a standard set of designs using several materials and techniques, satisfying the structural and exquisite design requirements. In contrast to the traditional building process which involves constructing the structure as per a design specific to that building, the PEB design mechanism uses a standard building design to construct a wide range of buildings in different projects. 

Pre-engineered buildings have been trending in the construction industry for quite some time now, with civil engineering professionals choosing to work in the somewhat automated and developed PEB construction procedure over the traditional construction process. 

PEB structures are also known as pre-engineered metal buildings(PEMB) structures in some areas of the construction sector due to the regular design and construction of buildings with metal frameworks. 

PEB structures are less costly and quicker than traditional construction processes such they can be constructed at 1.5 times the speed of construction usually employed in conventional buildings. This is mainly due to the reason that a majority of construction elements are fabricated off-site and are assembled on site. This in turn has several benefits, some of which are reduced waste generation, reduced errors, and rapid operations.

PEB vendors are equipped with necessary pieces of equipment such as EOT cranes, turbo ventilators, mezzanine structures, etc to handle PEB building projects as per construction demand. They can also provide desired external and internal finishes based on customer requirements. 

6 Ways to choose the right PEB Vendor

Choosing the right PEB provider for you is essential not only to speed up the construction process but also to ensure the smooth progress of your project and a good building structure. When choosing a PEB provider for your construction project, you should consider and confirm certain things, such as manufacturing plant conditions, materials used by suppliers, past work records and experience, etc.

Here are 6 tips to zero in on the right PEB vendor for your construction project:

01 - Check the Sectors in which PEB Vendor has worked

You must acquire information about the different types of projects completed by the PEB vendor in the past which can help in assessing the vendor’s expertise and work exposure and to check if they are suitable enough to execute your project. Also, check the sectors for which the PEB vendor has worked in the past, be it government, private or corporate sector because based on their work profile in these sectors you can evaluate their workforce potential.

In corporate or private projects, the quality checks have to be performed strictly in accordance with the prescribed codes. Therefore, if a PEB vendor has provided more service in the private or corporate sector, it proves that the techniques and equipment adopted by them for quality checks must be exceptionally good to live up to the corporate standards.

02 - Assess Team Skill, Experience, and Professionalism

For your PEB construction project always go for a PEB vendor who has a well-experienced team with the requisite skills to carry out the project. The simple reason is, the reputation of any PEB vendor is built by experienced and talented professionals working for them who maintain the firm’s high manufacturing standards while producing quality products using superior material along with rich PEB knowledge.

A skilled and experienced team is critical for solving unwanted problems during the construction process and handling the entire project process efficiently. Based on their experience they also suggest changes in design and plan that are necessary for the effective completion of the project.  

Also, the professional approach with which the vendor deals with its clients must be evaluated before settling for a particular vendor. Solid work ethics and professionalism displayed by the PEB vendors are also as much important as skills and experience. A good professional vendor does not pose any problems in providing after-sales services and maintenance activities to their client in order to support them. 

03 - Inspect Manufacturing Units of Vendors

Owning a manufacturing unit is one of the most important conditions that a PEB vendor should fulfill in providing its services. You should check whether the vendor owns a manufacturing unit with all the requisite equipment and gears or not. 

Without a manufacturing unit, it apparently becomes impossible for the vendor to save time and money which will not help in seamless execution of project operations and timely completion.

04 - Study Previous Projects executed by the vendor

Firstly, you should gather as much information as possible about the PEB vendor whom you are thinking to contract. This information should include everything related to their past projects- from materials used to methodologies employed, from workforce hired to resources required, all the aspects that can help in measuring their potential as a PEB vendor. 

Feedback on the previous PEB projects about the quality of work of the vendor can prove to be one of the best ways to check the credibility of their work as a PEB vendor. If possible you should send a survey team or visit some of the previous PEB projects accomplished by the vendor yourself. This can help you to examine whether they utilized the same quality of materials such as steel, frames, beams, purlins, and insulating sheets as specified in the contract. It is a very reliable way to check what value for money the vendor can provide.

05 - Check if the Vendor is able to Stick to Deadlines

Never forget the phrase time is money because if the project is not delivered on the scheduled date or time, there will be cost overruns which can be heavy on your pocket. It is essential that you select a PEB vendor who has consistently delivered projects on time in the past and not any other vendor who does not prioritize time. 

Do not go for vendors who are not determined to get projects done in the prescribed time because you will face unwanted and frustrating circumstances. You can get to know about the vendors’ project completion timings from reading reviews from trusted sources. 

Also, check about the delivery of operations performed by the third-party service providers and the subcontractors with whom the vendor works while executing projects. Taking all these parameters into consideration can help you make a more informed decision in choosing the best PEB vendor.

06 - Check the Quality of Material used by the Vendor

What will happen if your PEB structure begins to fail in certain sections or entirely?

You do not even want to think about this scenario wherein your PEB structure was constructed using poor-quality materials. Therefore, the quality of materials used by the vendor is a crucial parameter while choosing a PEB vendor. 

The PEB vendor which provides the best quality of materials under your estimated budget is the best choice to execute your PEB project. The strength and durability of the structure are automatically enhanced when the best quality of materials are used. 

There are many PEB vendors in the market who claim to provide the best quality materials in their construction projects but only a few of them actually deliver on their promise. So be careful while choosing your PEB vendor. 

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Kumar Abhishek Anand
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